Creator Crew #43:🍎 Apple vs. Creators

June 15, 2021

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Recap: The top clicks in the last send were the cooperation economy and Gap goes to the moon.

Today's Highlights:

  • Apple vs. The Creator Economy
  • The Future of clubhouse
  • CreatorScape 2021: The Creator Economy Market Map

Creator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$55,617.42

2. naval ~$38,655.14

3. craig ~$28,454.40

4. chamath ~$20,989.99

5. jakeudell ~$20,142.62

6. 021 ~$20,056.19

7. balajis ~$19,668.34

8. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$18,846.30

9. HighKey ~$18,703.45

10. artz  ~$18,293.40

*BitClout data is taken prior to every newsletter send.
Current BitClout Coin price = $182.71. Down from $189.

Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$45.08

2. Kevin Chou Coin ~$40.66

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$33.85

4. Allie Coin ~$33.09

5. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$32.39

6. TILT Coin ~$18.06

7. Skot Coin ~$15.29

8. Gary ~$10.96

9. Bee ~$12.99

10.Jeff ~$8.28

*Rally Coin data is taken every prior to newsletter send. Current RLY Coin price = $.54. Up from $0.53.

Talking Creators

Apple vs. The Creator Economy

Apple is beginning to reach Facebook popularity. That's in terms of being disliked (mostly by entrepreneurs). This comes after the soon-to-be changes in email privacy, incredibly low opt-in rates for ad tracking, and now the "unofficial cold war" against creators.

For years companies have fought (aka Epic Games) and complained about Apple's infamous 30% commission on app store purchases. What's now being realized is Apple's app store restrictions and their impact on creators and creator-focused companies. Few people have been able to highlight this like Jasmine Rice of Fan House viral thread.

Bryce Hall vs. Austin McBroom, Aka More Celebrity Boxing Matches

Early this week I highlighted how boxing is the new WWE. Now with the troves of influencers rushing to Miami, it seems to be holding up. Who's boxing now? TikToker Bryce Hall and YouTuber Austin McBroom.

Boxing is going through an "interesting transition", to say the least. A transition fueled by the growth of the creator economy and likely to extend to other industries and professions. In short, an audience is leverage, and with an audience, anything seems to be possible.

More On Creators


In 2020 the team over at Influence put together CreatorScape 2020. A much-needed market map of the 290 companies powering the creator economy. Since 2020, the creator economy landscape continues to grow with 438 companies now building for creators. Navigate the creator economy like a pro and dive in below.

CreatorScape 2021

Talking Social & Platforms

The Future Of Clubhouse

The buzz around Clubhouse has died down exponentially; however, that doesn't mean the CH is out of the game for good. Especially since they raised $110M since January. With big pockets comes the opportunity to build a stacked team.

New CH hires include Kelly Stoetzel who led speaker curation at TED, Justin Uberti to take over streaming, and a number of Coinbase engineers. Based on CH's version of the avengers, the company isn't going down without a fight as it finds its footing in a post-pandemic world.

More On Social & Platforms


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