Creator Crew #58: ✍️ The new COO

August 23, 2021

Party people, it's Friday, so reach out to a creator whose work you admire and give them a compliment.

Top Clicks: The top click in the last send was the glass door of the creator economy known as FYPM.

Today's Highlights:

  • Roblox is bridging the gap to the metaverse
  • Stir releases a new product for managers

Talking Creators

Roblox: Gaming, the Creator Economy, and the Metaverse

Nothing shows your age like having no idea why kids are spending hours upon hours on Roblox. While the company has been alive and kicking for years, it's with the explosion of the creator economy and the metaverse that Roblox is getting more and more

But first, what is Roblox? Roblox is a global platform that hosts user-created games and items. In short, it's making creators out of its player base. Players can create games and sell in-game items to get IRL money. In Peter Yang's deep dive, he shows just how Roblox operates and sits at the intersection of the creator economy and the metaverse.

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Talking Social & Platforms

Stir's newest product is for managers

If creators are the CEO of their company, managers are often the COO. As the creator economy grows, more and more creators are partnering with managers to operate and scale their businesses. This is especially true if you're a larger creator. Stir shows they’re paying attention to this trend with the release of their new product exclusively for managers. Through Stir, managers will be able to easily split revenue, handle payments, and keep tabs.

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  • Soccer moms unite: Minivans are having a moment.
  • It's in the game: Google reportedly wanted to buy some or all of Epic during the Fortnite drama.
  • DONDA: Kanye is a case study in performing, marketing, and just about everything creative. His listening event for DONDA further adds fuel to the fire.

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