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A resource for Creators to keep track of their business.

As a Creator, you normally have 5 or more tools that you use to keep track of your business. I know this because I'm a Creator that faces the same issue. I had a tool to keep track of my content, see my audience, and keep track of taxes. I built the Creators Hub Notion template to solve this problem. Use the Creators Hub to get a better grasp of your business by keeping tabs on the areas that matter most.

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What's Included

Everything In One Place

Bring together everything involving your business into one place. From your audience stats, revenue and sponsors, to your
contracts and content planner.

Keep Track of What Matters Most

Customize your hub to keep track of the areas most relevant to your business. Need help? I'll update your hub with the
resources you need most.

Manage your Roadmap

Manage everything from your product roadmap and various projects, to your content planner and streaming schedule.


Why do I need This?

If you're creator or freelancer, you use multiple tools to keep track of your business. This tracker helps you connect the dots.

Can I customize this?

Yes, you can customize your tracker as needed. I recommend adding and removing the sections that are relevant to your needs.

Can you set this up?

I offer a fully customized installation and automations package to include everything relevant to your needs.

About the creator

Hi, I'm the founder of Growth Roadmap, former Head of Growth at The Sasha Group, and founder of The Creators Database.

I build solutions for Creators to grow their business and focus on the areas they love the most.

If you want to learn more about me, read my website or connect with me on Twitter.