Creator Crew #32: ๐Ÿ‘‘ Is this your king (cc. TikTok)

May 7, 2021

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Recap: The top clicks in the last send of Creator Crew were disaster girl cashing her out meme as NFT, Brand Shift: The New Playbook In The Creator Economy, and Influencer Marketing Hub's State of The Creator Economy. The first episode of Creator Crew TV drops tomorrow.

Today's Highlights:

  • Creators are getting creative with their NFTs
  • New York Times covers all things Mr. Beast
  • TikTok has a new CEO // How TikTok chooses which songs go viral


Creator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$67,524.67

2. naval ~$46,932.30

3. craig ~$33,285.34

4. chamath ~$32,193.79

5. Da5id ~$31,685.48

6. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$31,375.23

7. CreatorFund ~$27,025.12

8. arianagrande ~$24,026.60

9. jakeudell ~$21,673.96

10. dharmann ~$21,268.17

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Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$57.510

2. Allie Coin ~$57.51

3. KSK Honda Coin ~$48.03

4. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$35.02

5. QuestCrypto ~$31.06

6. Kevin Chou Coin ~$29.30

8. Skot Coin ~$17.77

9. Moon Coin ~$16.08

10. ART Coin ~$15.149

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Talking Creators

Creators are getting creative with their NFTs

The NFT train has slowed down compared to earlier this year, but NFTs are still bringing in money. And I'm not just talking about NBA Topshot moments.

Creators are not only leveraging NFTs as a way to monetize, but as a way to provide special benefits to token holders, collectors, and true fans.


Colin & Samir (who just minted their first NFT) offered access to their board with a successful purchase of their NFT.

Gary Vee is offering token holders access to VeeCon for the next three years and direct access to himself.

Jack Butcher leveraged Mirror's new splits feature to give previous collectors a percentage of the sales from his newest NFT.

New York Times covers all things Mr Beast

You can't mention the creator economy without discussing Mr Beast. It's not because of his 20 million+ followers, and it's not because of his ability to go viral when ever he decides.

Mr Beast is THE case study, aka the guy building the plane while it's being flown, in the creator economy. He's one of the few creators that's successfully been able to translate his cult social following into multiple profitable business endeavors.

In the New York Times piece, Taylor Lorenz dives into the rise and sometimes bumpy road, that has allowed Mr. Beast to get to where he is today.

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Talking Social & Platforms

TikTok has a new CEO

Summer 2020 was a bumpy time for TikTok. Rocketship growth was accompanied by rocket size problems when ban threats from the Trump administration made TikTok unsure of its U.S. future.

Those threats forced the previous CEO, Kevin Mayer, to do the 400-yard dash and catapulted Vanessa Pappas, into the interim CEO role.

Now after getting the stamp of approval from the Biden administration, it's safe to say that TikTok isn't going anywhere. With a more secure future, the company just appointed Shou Zi Chew as CEO and Vanessa Pappas as COO.

What's the first task at hand for Chew? Establish TikTok as an international entity.

How TikTok chooses which songs go viral

Platforms have always had a long history of helping influential artists, creators, and brands optimize their experience. When you factor in the upside of sharing strategies and posting tips you can't blame them.

By courting VIP users, platforms get more ad revenue and engagement in return. Few companies (at least reported) have taken this to the moon like TikTok.

Many of the viral hits on the platform weren't just because of an impressive algorithm. TikTok assigned individual account managers to top creators and labels to help their songs and content take off.

More on platforms


  • Do you even M&A bro: Here's how Apple does mergers & acquisitions.
  • Picking up steam: Streamlabs is trending up and to the right as live streaming continues to pick up steam.
  • Dadbod Legend: Will Smith dropped an open shirt picture and the internet broke. Now He's releasing a YouTube series getting back in shape.
  • Miami or Nah: Miami is still the rage. So much so, that Balaji's is offering $100 in BTC for the best essay on startup cities.
  • To the top: China made an infinity-loop skyscraper and it looks just as cool as it sounds. ย 


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