Creator Crew #34: 🤝$100M Shorts Fund

May 14, 2021

Party people, this is the first edition of Creator Crew coming live from Disney Land. It's also worth noting that Matthew Ball's essay on how Disney and entertainment companies monetize love is worth the read.

Recap: The top clicks in the last two sends were The Creator Economy Explained, Navigating Opportunity Costs In Creator Focused Companies, and The Creator Economy Market Map.

Today's Highlights:

  • Apple is holding back creators
  • YouTube launches a $100M shorts fund for creators
  • TikTok launches a virtual resume feature for companies and job seekers

Creator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$65,752.72

2. naval ~$45,647,78

3. chamath ~$31,343.88

4. craig ~$30,738.77

5. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$30,518.02

6. Da5id ~$31,797.68

7. arianagrande ~$23,363.79

8. balajis ~$20,478.77

9. dharmann ~$20,059.72

10. jakeudell ~$19,693.15

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Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$$59.79

2. Allie Coin ~$54.037

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$51.676

4. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$50.19

5. Kevin Chou Coin ~$37.76

6. QuestCrypto ~$35.484

7. ART Coin ~$18.59

8. Skot Coin ~$18.48

9. CAT ~$16.65

10. Moon Coin ~$16.516

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Talking Creators

Apple Is Holding Back From Creators

For years, I didn't think twice about Apple's 30% cut on in-app payments (IAP). On the surface, I viewed it as business as usual and the benefit of building a strong product with millions of users.

My POV changed when I was advising a creator who wanted to release an iPhone app with IAP. It's only once you start crunching the numbers that you realize they don't work for a creator. And he has millions of followers.

In the latest Every post (a collection of publications with big names such as Li Jin and Nathan Baschez), they highlight how Apple is doing more harm than good when it comes to creators. But more importantly, they highlight the probability of Apple changing its policies.

Spoiler alert: it probably won't happen.  

More on creators

  • Clubhouse announced the lineup for its new pilot program and they're finally on Android.

Talking Social & Platforms

YouTube Shorts $100M Fund

You can copy short-form video, but you can't copy the features and creativity that come from its users.

Eugene Wei dived into this in his series of essays on how TikTok can't easily be copied despite clones in the form of Reels, Spotlight, and Shorts. When you look at these platforms, most of the videos are reposts of TikTok with the watermark removed.

YouTube decides not to compete on features but money. More like $100M. The battle between TikTok and YouTube was only a matter of time; however, only time will tell if YouTube will maintain this fund for the long term. To offset the cost of payouts, it's only a matter of time before ads make their way into Shorts.

TikTok Launching Job Services for Gen Z

With an uptick in resume and career advice-related content, TikTok decided to lean into the data and announced a new feature to help job seekers and brands connect with virtual resumes.  

The program is focused primarily on entry-level jobs; however, as traditional resumes become archaic, it'll be interesting to see if TikTok can build a full-scale recruiting feature.

More on platforms


  • MMA Money: A new startup is focused on helping MMA fighters make bank.
  • Playing the game: Read this. Then read it again. The read it some more. This essay went crazy viral and highlights the importance of playing the great online game.
  • The GOAT naming goats: Mark Zuckerberg named his goats Bitcoin and Max and the internet went crazy.

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