Creator Crew #36: 🛍️DTC Creator Brands

May 21, 2021

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Recap: The top clicks in the last two sends were esports pros are becoming influencers, Discord's new search feature for audio rooms, leveraging empathy to build & market creator products.

Today's Highlights:

  • Big-name creators are doubling down on DTC
  • The future of Reddit could like Roblox
  • Twitch reduces subscription costs based on location

Creator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$63,006.34

2. naval ~$44,035.65

3. chamath ~$30,242.13

4. craig ~$29,382.41

5. Da5id ~$28,594.95

6. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$28,297.42

7. balajis ~$24,505.85

8. arianagrande ~$22,523.92

9. dharmann ~$19,034.25

10. jakeudell ~$18,544.58

*BitClout data is taken prior to every newsletter send.
Current BitClout Coin price = $165.99. Down from $172.12 per coin.

Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~42.99

2. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$34.22

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$33.88

4. Allie Coin ~$33.79

5. Kevin Chou Coin ~$28.83

6. QuestCrypto ~$23.49

7. Skot Coin ~$12.23

8. ART Coin ~$10.64

9. TILT Coin ~$10.03

10. Moon Coin ~$8.86

*Rally Coin data is taken every prior to newsletter send. Current RLY Coin price = $0.63. Down from $1.06  per coin.

Talking Creators

Pomp Releases Bitcoin Pizza

On the eve of the infamous Bitcoin pizza deal, Mr. Bitcoin, aka Pomp, takes his love of pizza to the next level with the release of Bitcoin Pizza. Within hours Bitcoin pizza was trending. Mostly due to Pomp's legion of 700k+ followers. Proceeds go to the Human Rights Bitcoin Development Fund.

Emma Chamberlain's Popup

In the trend of creators going DTC, Emma Chamberlain launches her first pop-up in LA, and naturally, it goes viral. The brand was originally started in 2019 and plays into Emma Chamberlin's overall lifestyle brand/content aesthetic.

Similar to Pomp, creators are tapping into more diverse rev streams that aren't exclusively reliant on ads or affiliate sales.

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Talking Social & Platforms

The Future of Reddit Could Look Like Roblox

In the future, monetization models will look very similar to those seen in video games. Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, shares the same sentiment. Rather than being heavily reliant on ads or subscriptions, Reddit looks to games like Roblox that monetize via creators, communities, and fans.

Twitch Reduces Subscription Costs

To help creators earn more, Twitch is reducing subscription costs for users located outside of the U.S.

Subscriptions are currently priced at $4.99 USD but change depending on a user's local currency. Previously, the $4.99 presented a barrier for fans based on their location. To ensure creators don't lose money during this change, Twitch will pay creators a bonus based on their previous earnings.

More on platforms


  • Bring it back: PayPal goes deeper into the commerce game with a new acquisition focused on returns.
  • Up in arms: is AT&T's Warner and Discovery merger an attempt to take on Disney?
  • Uber money: Reported in an earnings call earlier this month, Uber drivers are making upwards of $30 per hour.
  • Stealing Cheetos: The mythical story behind the janitor who created Hot Cheetos is exactly that. A myth.

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