Creator Crew #41: 🎥 A peak into YouTubes creator program

June 6, 2021

Party people, it's hot girl, hot boy and hot non-binary summer. Treat yourself and enjoy yourself. Below is a photo of me enjoying Zion National Park.


Recap: The top clicks in the last send were Kimera, a new platform focused on helping creators get discovered, the problem with wanting more when playing the great online game, and the rise of bring your own audience in creator-focused companies.

Today's Highlights:

  • The Rise of Reality Entrepreneur
  • Voice, a NFT platform to help creators get discovered, is gearing up for launch
  • YouTube's creator residence program pulls back the curtain
  • Khaby Lame, the everyman of the internet

Me melting in 120-degree weather at Zion National ParkCreator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$54,557.33

2. naval ~$37,601.30

3. craig ~$28,242.72

4. jakeudell ~$20,002.40

5. balajis ~$19,890.94

6. 021 ~$19,477.43

7. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$19,438.73

8. HighKey ~$17,957.09

9. chamath ~$17,950.14

10. artz  ~$17,806.88

*BitClout data is taken prior to every newsletter send.
Current BitClout Coin price = $177.44 per coin. Up from $169.48.

Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$46.62

2. Kevin Chou Coin ~$44.22

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$32.68

4. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$31.96

5. Allie Coin ~$31.15

6. TILT Coin ~$18.21

7. QuestCrypto ~$17.17

8. Skot Coin ~$13.96

9. PLAY  Coin ~$13.49

10.Bee Coin ~$10.91

*Rally Coin data is taken every prior to newsletter send. Current RLY Coin price = $0.53. This coin has not grown since last send.

Talking Creators

The Rise of The Reality Entrepreneur

Most people assume creators sell products or services. On the surface that's true but anyone that's worked in sales knows that you're never selling your product. You're selling an outcome and emotion.

Similar to Matthew Ball's essay on how successful entertainment companies monetize love. Creators monetize ideologies, ideas, and infatuation. In Kate Ward's essay, she dives into the rise of the reality entrepreneur and the emotional outcomes creators sell.

Khaby Lame, The Everyman Of The Internet

The real power of TikTok is the platform's stellar approach to universal distribution. In other words, you can go become famous overnight(ish). When it comes to discoverability and growing an audience, TikTok is unmatched. Creators such as Khaby have seen this play out 10x the magnitude compared to other creators.

More On Creators

Talking Social & Platforms

Voice Launching A NFT Platform To Help Creators Get Discovered

While platforms such as TikTok make it easier to become famous overnight, the reality is that isn't true across the board. Discoverability is a nuanced problem where algorithms don't always prioritize the best content or favor certain demographics of creators. Voice, a carbon-neutral NFT platform, is working to solve the creator discoverability problem.

Editors note: There are multiple approaches to solve the discoverability dilemma in the creator economy. One possible solution is incentivizing creators to endorse one another, aka the ultimate co-sign.

YouTubers Creator Residence Program

Launched in 2016, YouTube partnered with creators on their platform to help improve their product and core creator experience. It's a strategy that most companies in the creator are missing. The program has remained relatively quiet until now.

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