Creator Crew #42: 💰 Money Team

June 15, 2021

Party people, I'm finally not hiking a mountain or driving an average of 5 hours a day. Transparently, the last two sends were the hardest, rushed, and contained a few errors, so thanks for sticking it out.

With that said we have a few announcements:

1. I just joined Spore as Head of Business Development. We're an all-in-one platform helping creators earn and engage with their fans in one place. I can't wait to show you guys what we're working on, but in the meantime, follow me on Twitter for updates.

2.Creator Crew TV, aka my YouTube channel, will be updated bi-weekly or once a month at the latest. It's hard to create quality videos back-to-back on top of this newsletter, but new content is coming soon.

3. This newsletter has grown in ways I couldn't imagine. We have creators, founders, and operators of creator economy startups in the Creator Crew family. I want to connect with you all, so reply to this email if you're down to jam.

Recap: The top clicks in the last send were the NFT platform focused on discoverability and navigating community growth metrics.

Today's Highlights:

  • Influencer boxing is the new WWE
  • Apple's stance on email and what it means for newsletter creators
  • Twitch turns 10 and the creator economy is in its debt
  • Luxury brands are doubling down on Roblox

Creator Coin Watch

Top Weekly Bitclout Creators

1. elonmusk ~$57,620.27

2. naval ~$40,076.67

3. craig ~$29,658.26

4. jakeudell ~$21,102.31

5. 021 ~$19,477.43

6. balajis ~$20,176.66

7. WhaleSharkdotPro ~$19,639.26

8. HighKey ~$19,378.72

9. chamath ~$18,991.54

10. artz  ~$18,909.78

*BitClout data is taken prior to every newsletter send.
Current BitClout Coin price = $ 189. Up from $177.44 per coin.

Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$38.86

2. Kevin Chou Coin ~$30.79

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$25.25

4. Allie Coin ~$24.00

5. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$23.97

6. PLAY  Coin ~$13.47

6. TILT Coin ~$13.19

7. Skot Coin ~$11.45

8. Gary ~$10.96

9. Bee ~$9.68

10.Jeff ~$8.28

*Rally Coin data is taken every prior to newsletter send. Current RLY Coin price = $ .40. Down from $0.53.

Talking Creators

Influencer Boxing Is The New WWE

$10M base with 50 percent of PPV shares. That's how much Money Mayweather earned from his Logan Paul fight and that doesn't include his sponsorship deals or Onlyfan's leather hat.

In his own words, Mayweather is the best when it comes to legal bank-robbing. As for Logan, he earned $250k with 10 percent of PPV shares. That doesn't include sponsorships and the announcement of Logan and Jake's boxing promotions company which will be the traffic source fueling their apparel lines and training gyms.

If there's one thing the Paul brothers excel at, it's marketing. By repping boxers, the Paul brothers can market and create cult followings around their talent. Combine these skills with their business acumen, and the sport of boxing could resemble the early days of the WWE.

Apple's Stance on email and what it means for newsletter creators

During Apple's annual "your startup is now obsolete", aka WWDC, the company announced its privacy efforts are extending to email. Naturally, with the popularity of newsletters, everyone began to sweat. Including me.

The biggest change on the email front is the potential impact of tracking open rates and the blocking of email IP addresses. Starting with iOS15, email users will have to opt into protecting their mail activity. Given the 4%  opt-in rates for ad tracking, it's safe to assume that email will be the same.

More On Creators

Talking Social & Platforms

Why Luxury Brands Are Doubling Down On Roblox

After the $4,115 sale of a digital Gucci bag on Roblox, more luxury brands are waking up to the rev opportunity that lies with digital goods and wearables. As the creator economy and the metaverse expand, expect more action from legacy brands.

Twitch Turns 10 & The Creator Economy Is In Its Debt

Ten years ago Twitch made the move to help streamers earn money via tips, ads, and subscriptions. It was an early player in the creator economy, and one of the best instances of empowering users. Ten years later and Twitch is still pushing the creator economy forward. All while new players have entered the arena to claim their stake.

More On Social & Platforms


  • Wendy goes to the moon: Reddit is back with another meme stock pick and this time it's your least favorite fast-food chain, Wendy's.
  • Legal Crypto: El Salvador becomes the first country to make Bitcoin the legal tender of the country.
  • Wrist game crazy: Facebook is working on a smartwatch set to drop next summer.

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