Creator Crew #47: 🤑Five finger discount

July 5, 2021

Party people, we've had to back-to-back successful launches! Here's a recap of what's launched over the last few weeks:

  • Black Creator Crew: a collective of Black creators providing education, networking, and funding. The goal is to help Black creators grow.
  • Spore: we officially launched our updated version on Product Hunt and it was a hit. We didn't win product of the day but still had a solid launch.

Thanks for showing your support.

Here are the top links from the previous send: Twitter will let creators keep 97% of their revenue and TikTok's rollout of Jump.

Today's Highlights:

  • The rise of main character energy
  • Creator funds and their role in creator washing
  • Amazon goes deeper into the podcast game
  • Building the next clubhouse

Creator Coin Watch

Top Daily Bitclout Gainers

1. RajLahoti ~$73.56k

2. Apollo_X ~$12.32k

3. Michael_Ovitz ~$9.30k

4.AnnaNatter ~$5.55k

5. gregisenberg ~$4.60k

6. maebeam ~$4.48k

7. Designsta ~$4.45k

8. GoatTrade ~$4.10k

9. BitCloutPapi  ~$3.24k

10. dharmesh ~$2.69k

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Current Bitclout price per coin = $140.00 Down from $180.40

Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$36.17

2. Kevin Chou Coin ~$34.79

3. KSK Honda Chain ~$29.99

4. Allie Coin ~$26.43

5. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$25.28

6. TILT Coin ~$16.19

7. Skot Coin ~$14.36

8. PLAY ~$13.35

9.JEFF ~$13.12

10. Gary ~$12.81

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Talking Creators

We All Have Main Character Energy

When you step into the shoes of being a creator, whether it's part-time or full-time, you instantly start to embody main character energy.

What's main character energy? The type of energy where you are the focal point of your content. What started as a one-off video, quickly became an urban dictionary classic. MCE has reached the point where it can be used as a compliment for self-care to calling out someones narcissism.

Creator Funds Role In Creator Washing

It seems like everywhere I look theirs talks about creator funds and why they're anything but helpful. It started with Li-Jin's Twitter thread and ended up sparking a conversation in the Means of Creation Discord after Nacho shared his post on creator grants. However, the creator fund/grant discontent is a larger issue under the umbrella of creator washing. Creator washing are surface-level efforts that are said to empower creators but really exploit them.

As more companies enter the creator economy, the fight for creators is becoming increasingly more competitive. The increased competition is diverting the attention of both incumbents and creator startups from focusing on the needs of their target audience, aka creators.

Creator funds aren't inherently bad. Nor do I think that companies with creator funds try to exploit creators. But the reality is that most creator funds fall short of actually being able to provide value. Whether it's financial support or otherwise.

More On Creators

Talking Social & Platforms

Amazon Goes Deeper Into Podcasting With Acquisition Art19

It's still unclear what Amazon has planned for podcasts but after their acquisition of Art19, creators are starting to take the center stage. With help from Nathan Baschez, here's  a recap of Amazon's transition into podcasting:

  • A year ago, Amazon Music added podcasts
  • 6 months ago, Amazon bought a large podcast publisher (Wondery)
  • Today, they bought a large podcast hosting company

Building The Next Clubhouse

Despite Clubhouse U.S. downloads coming to a screeching halt, the app is booming in India. A pioneer in the social audio space, CH managed to give birth to a number of competitors, such as Twitter Spaces, Facebook Audio Rooms, and Spotify Greenroom, as well as early-stage players such as Peanut, Quilt, Yoni Circle.

More On Social & Platforms

  • Clubhouse India gets added to the company's creator program.
  • Happs raises $4.7M for multicast live-streaming.


  • The anti-capitalist capitalist: One of the better inside looks on VC-backed trolls known as MSCHF.
  • Straight Roth: The legendary move from Peter-Thiel on how he turned his Roth IRA into a $5 Billion tax-free bank.
  • For the streets: BuzzFeed is going public after its acquisition of Complex.

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