Creator Crew #48: 🚩Only Red Flags

July 5, 2021

Party people, it's a creator kind of day, aka reach out to a creator and let them know why you admire their work.

Here are the top links from the previous send: The brand opportunity for influencers over 50, taking a look at Internet legends MSCHF, why creator grants suck.

Today's Highlights:

  • How money flows at Only Fans
  • The Information's Creator Economy Database
  • The creator economy's role in changing Hollywood

Creator Coin Watch

Top Daily Bitclout Gainers

1. dharmesh ~ +$194.08k

2. tobi ~ +$81.74k

3. NFTloans ~ +$48.42k

4. GalaMar ~ +$29.43k

5. mesutozil1088 ~ +$18.32k

6. mileycyrus ~ +$16.10k

7. Lu1s ~ +$8.16k

8. Krassenstein ~ +$7.68k

9. therock  ~ +$7.59k

10. LexFridman ~ +$5.61k

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Top Weekly Rally Creators

1. PTM Coin ~$39.74

2. KSK Honda Chai ~$36.16

3. Kevin Chou Coin ~$34.91

4. Allie Coin ~$31.51

5. Gen.G Strike Coin ~$29.38

6. TILT ~$21.84

7. Skot Coin ~$17.45

8. JEFF ~$17.08

9.GARY ~$16.76

10. BEE ~$15.64

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Talking Creators

How Money Flows at OnlyFans

While OF is seen as the sketchy yet successful company in the creator economy, more news begins to come out surrounding the flow of money.

For those unfamiliar, OnlyFans is a membership site that blew up as a safe haven for adult content creators to monetize. Creators get 80% of their revenue while OF takes 20%.

A hefty cut compared to other platforms; however, given the lack of platforms that support adult content creators, OF carved a path in a profitable niche that even the most envious companies wouldn't dabble in.

The red flags started popping up when creators on the platform began to have their accounts deleted and revenue taken. The red flags continue to wave as investigations into OF make their rounds.

Like a scene from Uncut Gems, where's the money?

Hollywood & The Creator Economy

While most industries are being shaken up by the creator economy (yes, I'm talking about boxing), some are just getting to a point where they're taking the creator economy seriously.

Hollywood being one of those industries.

If you look at the top agencies; CAA, UTA, Paradigm etc, only a small number of them represent digital talent, aka creators. A majority are focused on the traditional type of actor; however, as audiences change and creators grow in popularity, we're seeing creators work their way into Hollywood and established actors (e.g. The Rock and Will Smith) take the creator route.

More On Creators

Talking Social & Platforms

The Information's Creator Economy Database (Pay Wall)

As we dive deeper into hot post vax summer, the creator economy continues to heat up as incumbents wage their wars with one another, VC's pour money into creator economy startups, and creators realize the growing power they have over both platforms and brands.

With the creator economy booming and here to stay, The Information releases their creator economy database highlighting the companies powering it.

More On Social & Platforms


  • A dollar and a dream: The Hustle breaks down the economics behind dollar stores.
  • Kickin' the bucket with Juul: Juul just got hit with a $40M fine for targeting minors. Now it has some people wondering if they can rebound.
  • Hamster wheel: From cycling to the Netflix of wellness. Peloton's tour de media.

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