Creator Crew #51: Saying the "B" word

August 23, 2021

Party people, last week I took a much-needed day off, but I also managed to jump out of a plane. Seriously, I jumped out of a plane.

Today's Highlights:

  • Why Spotify paid $60M for Call her Daddy
  • Facebook says the "B" word to creators
  • Clubhouse says slide into the DMs
  • New In-house

Talking Creators

Why Spotify Paid $60M for Call Her Daddy

A few weeks ago Spotify announced that they acquired Call Her Daddy for $60M. For Alex Cooper, that was a win, but don't forget that Call Her Daddy was a joint podcast between Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. While Call Her Daddy managed to get propelled into the limelight with help from Barstool Sports. The road to $60M was anything but smooth.

The NIL Influencer Playbook

Now that NIL has arrived, everyone and their momma is scrambling on how to capitalize. For one, it’s a new opportunity to get in front of a brand new group for creators, secondly, it’s a way to tap into the distribution that college athletes possess over a wide demographic that extends beyond college campuses.

More On Creators

  • Nas Academy locks down $11M Series A for creator led courses.

Talking Social & Platforms

Facebook is Paying $1B for Creators to Use Its Products

The creator wars have been heating up for the past year, but Facebooks latest announcements remind us that they're focused on winning the war not the battle. To get more creators leveraging FB and IG, the company announced $1B in payouts to creators.

Clubhouse wants you to slide into the DMs

While critics are saying Clubhouse is dead, I’m bullish that they’ll return back to their glory days. In the meantime, the social audio pioneers released backchannel, a new feature that makes it possible to send direct messages without leaving the app.

More On Social & Platforms

  • Twitter fleets were fun while they lasted but now they're going bye-bye.
  • Scamming with crypto but this time let's do it on Twitch.

In-house (Original Essays, Thoughts & Content)

Anyone that's achieved anything great knows it comes with struggle. If you didn't struggle, you wouldn't appreciate it. To justify why we have to go through hard things in order to grow, aka that struggle, there's a phrase I coined. You have to dig through mud to get to the gold...

Digging In The Mud: The Path To Finding Gold


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