Creator Crew #55: 😎One for your playbook

August 23, 2021

Party people, if Kanye is living in a stadium until the drop of DONDA, I'm living in my childhood room until I send this newsletter. But seriously, I'm visiting my parents and sleeping in my childhood room.

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Top Clicks: The top clicks in the last send were Peloton is the best paying audio streaming platform and Rhett & Links new creator accelerator.

Today's Highlights:

  • Jake Paul launches Boxing Bullies
  • Axie Infinity becomes the leader in NFT gaming
  • Pinterest gets into shoppable pins

Talking Creators

Jake Paul launches Boxing Bullies

Remember when Boxing became the new WWE? The Paul brothers go deeper down the lucrative boxing world with Jake Paul's launch of Boxing Bullies. While Boxing Bullies is a non-profit and anti-bullying charity, it strengthens Jake Paul's brand in the sport ahead of his fight with ex-UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. As a self-proclaimed bully, Jake Paul's venture into the non-profit world doubles as a redemption campaign that all creators should keep in their playbook.

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Talking Social & Platforms

Axie Infinity becomes the leader in NFT gaming

Axie Infinity isn't your average video game. Mostly because it's the only game actually unique play-to-earn model. The company has grown 30,000% but the biggest win is that it provides a way of living for people outside of the U.S. It's one of the few examples of how a company can generate revenue while still helping people.

Pinterest releases shoppable pins

With a loyal and active userbase of creators, Pinterest finally rolls out the ability for Pinterest creators to monetize through shoppable pins. Creators will get affiliate links for their pins and earn a cut of the revenue they drive. The end goal is to maintain ground in the rapidly growing creator and social commerce wars.

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