Creator Crew #56: 🥊The Social Dilemma

August 23, 2021

Party people,
This is the last send while I’m in NYC. Next one is coming live and direct from the west coast.

Other news:

Earlier this week I chatted all things creators and the creator economy with Gregarious and Kenyeung of Created Economy. You can check it out here.

Top Clicks: The top clicks in the last send were the new leader of NFT gaming and Klarna acquires APPRL.

Today's Highlights:

  • The Social Gloves Dilemma
  • Substack acquires Letter
  • Curacity raises for travel influencers

Talking Creators

The Social Gloves Dilemma

The Social Gloves Boxing match wasn't a sellout event, but it was entertaining to say the least. Regardless of how you felt about event, I’m sure we can all agree that everyone should get paid for the parts they played. Unfortunately, that's not the case as the lawsuits surrounding the event continue to mount up. From the boxers to the announcers, the money has yet to be paid out. The end result? Austin McBroom, the organizer of The Social Boxing event, is in the crosshairs.

More on creators

Talking Social & Platforms

Substack acquires Letter

Discoverability is one of the big two when it comes to challenges creators face. The other being monetization. For Substack, creator acquisition and monetization are on autopilot; however, helping more creators become successful is a difficult task. The platform took another  step in solving the discoverability issue with the acquisition of Letter. A product focused on helping writers end public notes to one another.

Editors note: I've written extensively about discoverability and it's a complex problem that needs to be addressed.

Curacity raises for travel influencers

Travel influencers are often overlooked when you’re discussing different segments of creators. Creators can't necessarily monetize through subscriptions, and most of their revenue comes from partnerships with hotels, resorts, and companies like Airbnb. Curacity looks to make the process easier for travel influencers to find hotels and prove that their content is driving an ROI.

More on platforms

  • Twitter begins testing a feature to let people shop directly from branded profiles.
  • TikTok's growing role in fashion leads a top designer to change his outlook.


  • In the hood: Robin Hood goes public under the name $HOOD.
  • Fast Money: Here's the list of the highest-paid F1 drivers.
  • Game plan: EA sports has an ambitious game plan over the next 5 years.

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