Creator Crew #61: 🩳 Not sponsored by Only Fans

August 23, 2021

Party people, it's the one day of the year where it rained in LA. That's it. That's the opening line.

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Top Clicks: The top clicks in the last send were the rise of IG text memes and the Snapchat Spotlight creator migration.

Today's Highlights:

  • Tana Mongeau kicks off round 2 of her Only Fans
  • TikTok launches effects house
  • Billboard launches Song Breaker to track creators driving music streams

Talking Creators

Tana Mongeau kicks off round 2 of her Only Fans

Regardless of how you feel about Only Fans, you can't take away the fact this it's one of the largest creator platforms in terms of users and transactions. After making $3M in a month (yes, month), Tana Monague stays on the Only Fans path with her podcast Tana uncensored (NSFW). Tana isn't the only creator, tapping into the $$$ potential of Only Fans. Corinna Kopf made $1M in 48 hours of being on the platform.

Editors note: Culturally we're going through a point where creators (and in some cases ethical sex workers) who take the Only Fans route aren't chastised by the media. This is a significant point that shouldn't be overlooked.

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Talking Social & Platforms

TikTok in beta testing Effect house

TikTok is making sure they stay at the forefront of social, commerce, and creators as a whole. Similar to Snapchat and Facebook, the company is reportedly beta testing their Effect House. A design studio for AR creators to create templates and effects.

Billboard announces Song Breaker for creators driving consumption

It's no secret that creators, especially TikTok creators, are the ones driving music consumption. Every viral video that references or uses a song, drives massive streaming numbers for artists. Billboard looks to rank those creators who are driving that consumption with Song Breaker.

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  • It's not a story bro: Packy is back with another hit. This time it's the importance of narrative vs. story when you're trying to grow your co.
  • Two jobs are better than 1: Remote workers are working multiple jobs and bringing in double the income.
  • Fortnite of us: Among Us has beef with Fortnite after the release of Fortnite's new mode, Impostors.

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