Talking Growth #01: Building In The Open

September 22, 2020

This is the first week of the new newsletter since migrating from Growth Roadmap. Why the migration? Growth Roadmap is a marketplace dedicated to pairing brands with on-demand creative talent. Since the business pivoted, it made sense for me to migrate the Growth Roadmap newsletter under my own name. Don't worry, in this newsletter and those going forward, you'll get updates/words from me, news, and unique content from the web.

From me

Building In the open - Since starting Growth Roadmap in March, the business has gone through a few iterations. I've documented them in previous newsletters but figured it would be easier to digest in one post. This is the first of many articles as I get back into writing more long-form content and documenting our process of going 0-1.

Talking DTC - successful direct to consumer brands of today accomplish two things:
1. They're profitable or break even on a customers-first purchase.
2. They build a MOAT via community which helps reduce CAC and improve word of mouth.

If you want to win in DTC, develop a strategy that delivers on these areas.

In the news

Klarna Reaches $10 billion - Payments platform, Klarna, is nothing short of a success. They've successfully capitalized on the macro trend of cash-conscious Millenials and Gen-Z opting into installment payments. Couple this with the impact of COVID and Klarna has managed to expedite their growth as more consumers become conscious of their spending. Given Black Friday/Cyber Monday is right around the corner, Klarna will probably see an increase in growth as eCommerce sales continue to rise. If you're a consumer-facing brand with a product > $100, I highly recommend looking at Klarna to drive an increase in purchase conversion rates.

Oracle Wins TikTok(?) - In a confusing turn of events, Oracle emerged as the winner in the TikTok bid after reports surfaced that TikTok's CEO became upset after Microsoft's claim that TikTok is a security threat. The details of the deal are still being worked; however, one item remains certain. TikTok will not sell it's an algorithm. Oracle is the trusted partner for TikTok's U.S. operations, but what does that mean? The details of the deal are expected to be discussed this week, so until then it's a waiting game.

Open Door Goes Public - Chatmath, founder of Social Capital, Owner of the Golden State Warriors, and previously VP of Growth announced that he would merge his SPAC, Social Capital Hedosophia II with Open Door.

From the people

Your startup is a movement - David Sacks, the former COO of PayPal is always dropping gems in his newsletter. In one of his most recent posts, he highlights how some of the best startups grow by creating a movement around their company. This creates opportunities for earned media, increased word of mouth, and the ability to engineer virality.  

My .02 - the brands of tomorrow will rely less on advertising and more on building cult followings and community. This is especially true as a founder's personal brand becomes a growth lever.

Give everybody the internet - It's hard to believe but even in 2020 not everyone has access to the internet. In the article taken from Vox, 21 million Americans (this number can be higher) don't have access to the internet.

My .02 - you can't exist in today's world without the internet, so we need to figure out a way where everyone can get access in some form.

High leverage time management - Whether you're a CEO or looking to be more productive, the 80/20 rule, aka Pareto's Law, is a go-to when looking to improve your focus, productivity, and output.

My .02 - always focus on the 80/20.

Words in the wild

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