Talking Growth Pro #01: Growth Wins

December 3, 2020

Did you see it? Just in case you missed it, the header image of this email was updated. This week's send is the first version of Talking Growth (Pro), the premium version of Talking Growth. However, before I dive in there, here's a story of how I got here.

Before Talking Growth/How We Got Here
After being impacted by COVID, I originally started growing my consulting business under the name of Growth Roadmap while simultaneously running a newsletter focused on growth marketing. That proved successful across the board; however, I became bored and limited with the content, so I pivoted Growth Roadmap. Fast forward a few months ahead and at this point, I scrapped Growth Roadmap and went back to the drawing board.

From Talking Growth to Talking Growth (Pro)
Talking Growth started from my love of marketing and the creator economy. The more I researched the Creator Economy, the more I learned about the challenges Creators faced when trying to grow their audience. By sharing helpful advice across TikTok, Twitter, Clubhouse, and this newsletter, I've been able to grow this newsletter and my consulting business.

While this growth has been exciting, it also means that my priorities are now helping my clients, sharing insights in this newsletter, and highlighting how other Creators are growing. With multiple projects and clients, I want to make sure that I continue to provide value every time you see my newsletter in your inbox. Therefore, I will be adding social media/content trends, marketing strategies, tactics, and helpful tools and resources you can use for your personal brand or business (e.g. like the TikTok and Linkedin playbook found below).

The Future of Talking Growth (Pro)
This shift means that Talking Growth Pro is now a paid resource for a monthly fee of $10. Talking Growth will still continue to have a free tier; however, it will be a limited version of what's included in Talking Growth (Pro). By offering Talking Growth (Pro), I will be able to focus full time on sharing actionable strategies, tactics, and resources to help grow your following and your revenue. Regardless of what type of Creator you are, you'll be able to benefit from the content I share

🌱Talking Growth Updates

Talking Growth (Pro) - To recap, Talking Growth (Pro) is the paid subscription version of Talking Growth which includes, social media trends, marketing strategies, tactics, and tools and resources to help you grow your audience and revenue.

Client Growth + Wins of the week

  • TikTok following grew from 552,000 followers to 570,000 followers
  • Instagram went from 21,300 followers to 21,500 followers
  • Newsletter subscribers grew from 3679 to 4,4544
  • Course signups from 793 to 1126 enrollments
  • Private community from 50 - 100 members

What's working: 5:1 organic to post ratio. For every 5x organic post, make 1x promo post with a reference to link in bio, join my newsletter, buy my product. This makes your content feel less salesy to and more authentic. Also, it allows you to find out what organic content performs well so you can test it as a promo post. Daily posting and content distribution. We repost our best performing TikTok across IG Reels and IG stories. Additionally, we use CTA's to drive to our course and free printables.

Other Wins: A previous brand I worked with, AsWeMove, just hit $1M without funding in six months. During the beginning of the campaign, we successfully built up a waitlist and early buyer reviews to help generate a 15x ROAS. Similar to all of my clients, I highly recommend building a waitlist and marketing before your product is ready.

🧑🏿‍💻Marketing Strategies, Tactics & Insights | Talking Growth (Pro)

YouTube Shorts: I mentioned previously to post your short-form content across YouTube shorts; however, I'm no longer noticing significant growth from this tactic. I'm advising my clients to pivot from this strategy depending on the niche. YouTube shorts do work; however, be mindful you're not sacrificing your long-term brand identity on the platform. I recommend posting 2x-3x times a week of your best performing short-form content.

Twitter: Twitter recently released "Fleets", an Instagram story like feature. Also, announced, Twitter will be soon testing "Audio Spaces", a direct competitor and feature to Clubhouse. The reach of Fleets is still undetermined; however, it's a great opportunity to leverage your best performing post and generate more traffic to your own platforms.

IG Reels Growth: If your goal is to grow on Instagram, you need to be posting on Reels. Unlike TikTok which does well with consistent engagement, space your Reels 3 - 4 hours apart. Post once a day at most and use a structure of 2x large hashtags, 3x small and medium hashtags.

Email Tactics: Find out the top pages based on traffic and bounce rate on your website. Identify opportunities to create a free resource and gate that resource asking for email signups.

Reddit Opps: Leverage popular subreddits which are curated content of the internet such as r/DidntKnowIWantedThat to promote your product. Be mindful to not come across as spammy. Also, you can use niche specific subs to share free resources with the goal to drive traffic back to your paid products.

🤝Growth Advice from others | Talking Growth (Pro)

Instagram Hashtag Bubbles: Rather than guess what hashtags to use, find influencers in your target demo and replicate the hashtags they use. For example, if your audience follows Michelle Obama, see what hashtags Michelle Obama generally uses and use that in your posts for her target audience.
Source: overheard on Clubhouse

Audit your following: Frequently go through your followers and make sure you remove followers that don't follow you back or engage with your content. Engagement only works when you have active followers.
Source: overheard on Clubhouse

Twitter Growth: Janel of Newsletter OS grew her following from 30 - 2,000 and her newsletter by follows in just a few short months. She credits her success by conducting teardowns of her newsletter, contributing to communities, and cross-promotion from other creators.
Source: Janel herself

Find IG Reels & TikTok Inspo: If your goal is to grow on Instagram and TikTok, find the top ranking videos in your niche and dissect why those are working and rank so highly. Next, recreate the video by putting your own twist on it with similar hashtags.
Source: overheard on Clubhouse

🔧Tools & Resources | Talking Growth (Pro)

Linkedin Playbook - The good people at Demand Curve did a lot of testing and interviewing of influencers to help put together a guide to level up your Linkedin game.

Going Viral on TikTok - Michael Sanchez's primary focus is helping people grow on TikTok. In this playbook, he gives tips on how to go viral, structure content, and more. Take a look.

🎤Personal Account Growth of The Week

Twitter growth this week went from 86 followers to 94 followers

TikTok growth went from 1182 followers to 1271 followers

💡 Inspo

"The recipe for success is quality habits with deliberate focus over an extended period of time." - Antonio Gary Jr.

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